Our company

  • Develops advanced consumer electronic products with established factories in Asia, sells the products FOB Asia or imports the product into the USA or Canada and wholesales to Mass Retailers, Catalogue, Internet Deal sites, Channel TV sites, Independent Gift and Toy Stores, Kiosk Chains and others. The company also exports to Europe and South America from the USA or direct from China.
  • Location: 10 miles NW of Chicago O'Hara airport, Wheeling, IL.
  • Warehouse: 15,000sq feet attached to office.
  • Sales staff:  50 individuals within independent Sales Representative companies under contract with Torobi in the USA, Canada, South America and UK.


Leadership Team

Bill Jackson – President
Tom Hanley – Chief Sales Officer
Bill Pearson – Chief Operations Officer
Kelly Montalbano – Director Admin. & Logistics



Global Sourcing Product Engineering Marketing Distribution

Torobi has established relationships with a long list of factories, distributors, agents, and other suppliers of a wide range of products and services from China, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and other Asian countries. Global sourcing offers a significant opportunity to obtain labor intensive products, manufacturing or services from lower cost labor centers. Global sourcing can also take advantage of lower taxes, raw materials or trade tariffs.

Successful global sourcing requires much more than just finding low cost products or services. Just as important to understand is the reputation, quality and reliability of partner suppliers as well as the cultures, business practices and available infrastructure in their location. Other significant factors include:

  • Maintaining strong relationships with international inspection firms to insure factory accountability and quality control
  • Developing reliable packaging for protection and to support retail marketing strategies
  • Understanding global logistics to control costs and support required delivery timing
  • Having access to global financing to support manufacturing and transportation costs


Torobi has brought to life many original and reengineered products to make sure that they are attractive and marketable in the USA. Relationships with reliable, capable and creative engineering houses in the USA and Asia are used to assure outstanding products with high quality components, packaging and unique features which meet or exceed required specifications. We tap into the creativity of Asian engineering houses by providing them the insight into USA market needs and expectations in order to help make our products successful.


Great products require a great understanding of the needs and demands of the marketplace.  Just as important is the ability to effectively communicate to that marketplace the features, functions and benefits of your product. Torobi has a proven track record as a global marketer. The right product at the right time. Features and functionality that the customer wants. Packaging that clearly explains why the customer should want to buy it.  Communication strategies supported by targeted, attention getting PR, advertising and social media.  All of these components are absolutely necessary for success in a world which is flooded with sales pitches.


Market wide distribution has become infinitely more complex with products now available worldwide 24/7 through the touch of a computer keyboard, a mobile phone app or via telephone call. Torobi has a wealth of experience in delivering products to:

  • Mass retailers with multiple distribution centers around the world, including Walmart
  • International customers via FOB Asia
  • Electronic on-air marketplaces including QVC
  • Web based online sellers including Amazon
  • Catalogue retailers including Amway
  • Distribution fulfillment companies
  • Hundreds of small businesses
  • Thousands of individual consumers via direct drop shipments

We have been successful in providing attractive profit margins for each channel of distribution while maintaining the highest possible retail price in the market.



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